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  • BlastShield™
  • BlastShield™


Another MoorePower™ first: Subaru EJ DAVCS BlastShield™!

Through seven-plus years of modifying Subaru’s DAVCS engines, we’ve noticed an alarming pattern: Malfunctioning, heat-cooked RH AVCS exhaust solenoids, particularly when using aftermarket headers. Left unattended, a faulty DAVCS solenoid can wreak havoc on the performance and reliability of your STi. The solution? The Moore Performance BlastShield™.

Constructed from CNC bent, laser cut 304 stainless steel, the BlastShield™ keeps unwanted header and up-pipe heat away from your RH exhaust AVCS solenoid. Phenolic isolators—which bolt directly to holes already provided on the AVCS module—keep heat transfer to a minimum.

Everything you need is included in the BlastShield™ package: Stainless heat shield, phenolic isolators and stainless 6mm allen-head bolts.

Note* In most cases, the BlastShield™ can be installed without removing your header. In some extreme cases, with much larger piping diameters or some twin scroll setups, the header might have to be loosened or removed for the installation of this shield.

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